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Brandesign & Art Quick View


A target audience focused strategic process aimed at developing a visual language, used for identity and promotion.


A ‘call-to-action” and user engagement aimed design, on a variety of platforms. 


From concept development to production of identity and promotion means for art, culture, and much more.


Visual communication design, digital and physical user experience academic courses.

The combining of brandesign, art and mentoring - distinct realms of content is unique, differential and brings about original and strategically right solutions.

Coming Sooon
Young Trumpeter

Stay Tune

Brandesign - Art - Mentoring

The Why and the How that creates the What

In a continuous creative process over the last two decades, I travel between multi-disciplinary worlds. Throughout varying work situations and goals I have led projects in the fields of design, arts, and mentoring.

The combining of these distinct realms of content is unique and differential and brings about original and strategically right solutions. This combination is enriching and inspiring, provides me with a fresh point of view and nurtures the ambition for continuous innovation and change.


The presented content allows you to become familiar with a kind of 'stream of consciousness'. Situated associatively side by side, the works present imagery, which is part of the brandesign projects for commercial and hi-tech clients, of leading companies and central art museums.


In addition to these, works of art presented at various exhibitions and venues – among them artworks which are part of my on-going visual research, ‘Home-Land-Body-Scape’, as well as a contemporary art project, ‘NUINX’ – an initiative aimed towards changing social awareness of ‘perceiving the other’, for promoting equality for all and acceptance of others regardless of background, race, or gender.

The initiative calls for supporters and nonprofit organizations to collaborate. - Will you join us?

Furthermore, academic mentoring processes are presented in the fields of branding and visual language development, user experience and creative teamwork.  - AC

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