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It seems that mentoring has always been an essential part of my professional practice in the various fields of design. For over two decades now, I continue to meet students in the academic context, the dialogue that takes place during such guidance adds to my ability to analyze a variety of visual situations in the public and private sphere. I bring to every mentoring meeting a lot of rich work in the fields of branding, design and art. The success of students in the learning process, in the insights they learn and in the visual language they acquire, is always exciting.





Exhibition video by Tamar Raanan    |    Students Videos and Visuals in exhibition: 2060 by Shai Maimoni. Witch hunt (video game) by Aviv Tishler, Nadav Doron, Eliad Ayalon, Shira Atwad, Rani Yefet. Radicalization now (mentoring in collaboration with Jan Van Woensel) by Zoe Vatash, Anfisa Lanno, Polina Maliuk. Vivid gray by Aviv Tishler, David Michaeli, Hagar Amibar, Or Hershkowitz, Chen Ben Shaya, Noa Bigun, Shir Israeli, Mor Rekanati. Fish-Hand by Muhamad Natsheh. Digital dialog by Mariya Voroh.

Some of the academic courses and workshops

The set of courses I teach is diverse, starting with courses dealing with the basics of visual communication design and typographic design, while understanding and adapting to the different platforms. Continues with a series of lessons on user experience and screen design. Additional courses bring students a broad body of knowledge starting with the evolution of branding since the end of the nineteenth century until this time, as a basis for studying branding and positioning methodology. Alongside all these, workshops on conceptual-creative development processes and team work methods.

Class 01

Branding and Positioning Methodologies

Emotional branding processes according to the principles of ‘Cultural Capital’. In the course you will find case studies together with practical experience, beginning with research and classification of target audiences and culminating in the production of implementations for digital, social and television platforms. In addition, the course presents a historic overview of trends in branding, starting from the twentieth century to the present. The course is run in the format of a creative accelerator, from the development of a concept to the creation of a prototype.

Class 02

Gaming User Experience

Studying the field of UX and its effect on gamer/user engagement.  The course present case studies aimed at understanding cognitive and other characteristics impacting every stage of gaming applications in the virtual realm, from concept development, scripting, mechanics, and level design. The course will incorporate Unreal engine instruction (In collaboration with a development expert) and the implementation of studied topics in the creation of mini-games.

Class 03

A Creative Workshop: A collaboration with European Universities, and the ERASMUS Program

An academic cooperation for excelling students. In this framework students work together in mixed teams from two or three universities. The projects deal with global social issues. The creative results include short documentary films, audio works, still photography and design implementations.

Class 04

Introduction to Visual Communication Design

The basics of visual communications design. The series of lectures includes the corner stones of Typographic Design, analysis of case studies, and the implementation of visual constructs combining images and texts to create an experience and convey a message. The course will also provide tools for conceptual development, research, classification and teamwork.


Academic Experience:

2014-Present  HAC, Photographic Communication faculty, Senior academic staff member.

1997-Present  Lecturer; visual communication, Art and Design academies.
2005-2007  Head of visual communication faculty, College of Art & Design, Tel Aviv.


1987-1991  Visual communication, ‘Bezalel – Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.
1989-1990  Visual communication, Parsons, The New School, New York, NY.

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